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ejabberd development


Component Lead Description
Adhoc commands
Anti-abuse Anti-abuse features
API API improvements / bugfixes for developers.
Authentification All the various authentification modules
Build ejabberd build chain
Client compliance Compliance problems with specific XMPP / Jabber clients. Please add the client name as label.
Command-line tools badlop Badlop Command-line tools (ejabberdctl, ...)
Config badlop Badlop
Contributions badlop Badlop ejabberd community modules
Core architecture Core ejabberd architecture
Crypto TLS, certificates management
Debugger Tools use to debug a live ejabberd server.
Documentation badlop Badlop ejabberd documentation: ejabberd Guide or EDoc
Erlang R12 compliance
Erlang R13 compliance
Erlang R14 compliance
Erlang R15 compliance
HTTP Binding
HTTP Polling
Installer cromain@process-one.net Christophe Romain (Inactive) Graphical Installer
IRC Gateway (mod_irc)
LDAP LDAP integration module
Localization badlop Badlop Localization of ejabberd instant messaging server
Migration Migration scripts to ejabberd (Mnesia or Relational DB)
Multi-User Chat (MUC) Multi-User Chat features
Offline messages Offline messages management
Performance Operations relating to tuning and performance optimisations.
Personal Eventing via Pubsub cromain@process-one.net Christophe Romain (Inactive) PEP (Personal Eventing via Pubsub) XEP-0163
Publish-Subscribe cromain@process-one.net Christophe Romain (Inactive) Implementation of XEP-0060: Publish-Subscribe in ejabberd: mod_pubsub
Register User registration
Relational databases support Support for relational databases (natively or through ODBC drivers).
s2s Server to Server support
Shared rosters
Users management
vCard vCard module (mnesia or odbc)
Web admin badlop Badlop Web administration console
Web plugins badlop Badlop Plugins using the ejabberd_http API.
XEP Support Various XEP implementation such as XEP-0050, XEP-0138, etc. See http://www.xmpp.org/extensions/
XMPP Compliance Tickets related to IETF's XMPP compliance.