Component Lead Description
AMQP AMQP plugin for Tsung
BOSH plugin BOSH support for Tsung
Configuration XML configuration engine for IDX-Tsunami
Core Core component of Tsung: users and traffic generation from a cluster of client machines
Documentation Documentation of tsung. (man page, manual for users, developper documentation)
Erlang support
HTTP plugin HTTP plugin for Tsung
Jabber/XMPP plugin Jabber/XMPP plugin for Tsung
LDAP plugin
MySQL plugin A plugin for the native mysql protocol
PostgreSQL plugin A plugin for the native postgresql protocol
Proxy Recorder Proxy Recorder
Report generation HTML and other reports from the load tests
Server monitoring Remote server monitoring component (based on erlang remote calls or snmp)
Statistics engine Real-time statistic server and monitoring of events (ts_mon)
WEBDAV plugin A plugin for the Webdav protocol (superset of HTTP)