Release Notes - ejabberd development - Version ejabberd 3.0.0-alpha-5 - HTML format


  • [EJAB-1371] - When a vhost is removed, remove also its accounts and rooms
  • [EJAB-1473] - PEP notifications are sent even if subscription is "from"
  • [EJAB-1507] - Wrong shortcut label in Russian installation
  • [EJAB-1520] - ejabberd_update:get_current_version fail with precompiled ejabberd
  • [EJAB-1521] - Support Erlang/OTP R15B driver


  • [EJAB-1441] - Allow some packets, regardless of user privacy rules
  • [EJAB-1470] - New hooks for creation and deletion of nodes for mod_pubsub.

New Feature

  • [EJAB-506] - Shared Groups across vhosts

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