Release Notes - Tsung development - Version 1.3.0 - HTML format


  • [TSUN-30] - SNMP monitoring gives an error
  • [TSUN-57] - using -l with a relative path make distributed load fails with timeout error
  • [TSUN-60] - https recorder broken if an HTML document includes absolute urls
  • [TSUN-67] - Typo breaks recording of if-modified-since headers
  • [TSUN-68] - some sites doesn't work with ":443" added in the "Host" header with https
  • [TSUN-71] - Tsung does not work with R12B (httpd_util funs removed)
  • [TSUN-73] - Wrong parsing HTTP multipart/form-data in http request - POST form doesn't work
  • [TSUN-75] - can not define more -pa arguments
  • [TSUN-84] - dyn variables that don't match should be set to an empty string


  • [TSUN-40] - problem to rewrite url for https with gzip-encoded html.
  • [TSUN-48] - tcp/udp buffer size should be customizable in the XML config file.
  • [TSUN-59] - if a User-Agent header is set in <header>, it should override the global one.
  • [TSUN-62] - add abilty to loop back to a previous request in a session
  • [TSUN-63] - check for ssl and crypto application at compile time
  • [TSUN-65] - enhance dynamic variables.
  • [TSUN-66] - add global mean and counter computation and reporting for samples
  • [TSUN-69] - add option to read content of a POST request from an external file
  • [TSUN-70] - Make HTTP plugin optionally follow redirects
  • [TSUN-79] - setting 'Host' header with http_header doesn't work as expected

New Feature

  • [TSUN-56] - ldap plugin
  • [TSUN-58] - add a new statistics backend to dump all stats in a file
  • [TSUN-61] - add a Webdav plugin
  • [TSUN-64] - add md5 authentication in the pgsql plugin
  • [TSUN-72] - Add support for defining dyn_variables using XPath
  • [TSUN-78] - mysql plugin
  • [TSUN-80] - add random thinktime with in a given range ( [min,max])


  • [TSUN-76] - add explanation for errors name in the documentation

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