Release Notes - Tsung development - Version 1.3.1 - HTML format


  • [TSUN-92] - the computation of the minimum for sample_counter is wrong
  • [TSUN-93] - maxnumber not respected if several clients are used
  • [TSUN-102] - dyn_variable configuration fails if variable name is not a valid erlang atom
  • [TSUN-103] - Network error handling in munin plugin
  • [TSUN-104] - tsung-plotter can't handle the os_mon statistics
  • [TSUN-108] - Cannot handle complicated dyn_var name
  • [TSUN-109] - Tsung status displays always phase one even if you have more than one phase
  • [TSUN-110] - Cookie header not present if the URL is dynamically generated by a previous redirection (302)
  • [TSUN-117] - Bug in HTTP: empty header can be generated in some case
  • [TSUN-118] - HTTPS proxy recorder: ts_utils:to_https incorrectly handles Content-Length for POST requests
  • [TSUN-119] - tsung can crash when reading empty values from a csv file
  • [TSUN-122] - same http cookie key with different domains don't work


  • [TSUN-47] - ts_mon can be a bottleneck during very high load testing
  • [TSUN-77] - Structural requests or goto-like action for match in HTTP
  • [TSUN-81] - Dynamic variables API
  • [TSUN-83] - file_server using fixed tuple instead of list
  • [TSUN-85] - external entity should be copied into the log directory of a run.
  • [TSUN-87] - add dynamic code evaluation in set_dynvars
  • [TSUN-88] - add mkactivity method support in webdav
  • [TSUN-91] - reduce memory consumption by hibernating client process while in think state
  • [TSUN-97] - disable smp erlang for client beam for performance reason
  • [TSUN-98] - try several times to connect to the server before aborting a session
  • [TSUN-99] - make substitution work in <match>
  • [TSUN-100] - improve scalability of ts_launcher
  • [TSUN-105] - Add load average statistic to server monitoring
  • [TSUN-111] - add option to manually add a cookie in http requests
  • [TSUN-113] - split tsung command into two separate tsung and tsung-recorder commands
  • [TSUN-116] - add ability to run several tsung running in parallel on the same hosts
  • [TSUN-120] - Https recorder: Remove "Secure" from "Set-Cookie" header.

New Feature

  • [TSUN-25] - add a way to start sessions in a specific order at specified times
  • [TSUN-89] - include tsung-plotter into the tsung distribution
  • [TSUN-90] - add support for monitoring server cpu/mem using munin-node
  • [TSUN-94] - add log action for match
  • [TSUN-95] - add a default dyn_variable with a unique tsung_userid
  • [TSUN-107] - add MUC support to the jabber plugin
  • [TSUN-114] - add option to apply function do data before looking for a match
  • [TSUN-115] - add pubsub support to the jabber plugin

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