Release Notes - Tsung development - Version 1.3.2 - HTML format


  • [TSUN-128] - Apostrophes cause string to convert to deep list in setdynvars with Erlang function.
  • [TSUN-130] - static users starting time is wrong
  • [TSUN-131] - tsung can stop too early when static users are used
  • [TSUN-132] - http cookies: accept domains equals to hostname with a leading "."
  • [TSUN-133] - proxy-recorder with SSL fails on large client packets (multiple TCP packets)
  • [TSUN-138] - when an error occured( for ex a timeout during a request) and a client exits, started transactions are not updated
  • [TSUN-140] - tsung does not honor the Proxy-Connection: keep-Alive or Connection: keep-Alive header if the proxy is HTTP/1.0
  • [TSUN-142] - http recorder can fail with https rewriting and chunked encoding
  • [TSUN-147] - UDP & bidi does not seem to work
  • [TSUN-148] - dynvar not found when used in match
  • [TSUN-149] - tsung doesn't work with Amazon Elastic load balancing
  • [TSUN-151] - produces invalid *.gplot files


  • [TSUN-82] - XMPP vhost support
  • [TSUN-127] - add ability tu use floats for thinktimes
  • [TSUN-139] - option to set random seed for launchers.
  • [TSUN-141] - add dynamic variable support for postgres
  • [TSUN-146] - New tsplot yfactor configuration support breaks most common configurations

New Feature

  • [TSUN-135] - add support for SASL ANONYMOUS and PLAIN authentication for XMPP
  • [TSUN-136] - add new plugin distributed testing of filesystem (nfs for ex), using a generic mode for executing erlang functions on clients nodes
  • [TSUN-137] - add a way to mix requests types inside a single session
  • [TSUN-143] - global time limit for the load test
  • [TSUN-145] - tsung should support json parsing for dynamic variable

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