Release Notes - Tsung development - Version 1.4.0 - HTML format


  • [TSUN-129] - regexp (defined in match or dynvars) can fail when chunk encoding is used.
  • [TSUN-150] - Munin monitoring broken by cpu stats config request
  • [TSUN-163] - Tsung doesn't detect subdomains.
  • [TSUN-166] - snmp monitoring does not work with erlang R14A
  • [TSUN-171] - maxnumber set in a phase is not always enforced
  • [TSUN-172] - auth sasl can't authenticate against ejabberd
  • [TSUN-178] - some characters can make url and headers rewriting fail inthe recorder
  • [TSUN-179] - tsung generated message stanzas are not XMPP compliant
  • [TSUN-180] - file server crash if a dynamic substitution use it
  • [TSUN-182] - When many clients are configured with few static users, none of them are launched.
  • [TSUN-183] - tsung can stop too soon in some cases
  • [TSUN-184] - 'random_number' with start and end actually returns a number from start+1 to end
  • [TSUN-187] - Client IP scan is very slow on Linux; also uses obsolete "ifconfig"


  • [TSUN-54] - tsung is very slow when a lot of dynamic variables are set
  • [TSUN-96] - generating more than 64k connections from a single machine
  • [TSUN-106] - Add content-encoding support for dynvar extraction
  • [TSUN-123] - add option to read usernames from an external file for jabber
  • [TSUN-125] - use the new re module everywhere instead of regexp/gregexp
  • [TSUN-152] - Add "state_rcv" record as parameter to "get_message" function.
  • [TSUN-153] - dynvar used in match may contain regexp special characters
  • [TSUN-185] - handle postgresql extended protocol

New Feature

  • [TSUN-162] - add foreach tag (loop when a dyn_variable is a list)
  • [TSUN-164] - add a switch to allow light queries/replies logging
  • [TSUN-165] - add a way to synchronize users for all plugins.
  • [TSUN-167] - add do=dump option to matching
  • [TSUN-168] - thinktimes value could be dynamically generated with dyn_variable
  • [TSUN-181] - add option to simulate slow connections

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