Release Notes - Tsung development - Version 1.5.1 - HTML format


  • [TSUN-250] - BOSH Crash
  • [TSUN-252] - Too many requests when using max_restart
  • [TSUN-253] - Code blocks in html version of user manual is unreadable
  • [TSUN-256] - Unexpected ack="global" behaviour on BOSH
  • [TSUN-265] - Wrong header line in tsung.dump
  • [TSUN-270] - Substitution not working in <websocket/> path attribute
  • [TSUN-271] - SSL does not work with erlang >= R16
  • [TSUN-272] - Support literal IPv6 addresses when defining servers
  • [TSUN-278] - Tsung 1.5.0 is notable to do https out of the box when it is compiled from tarballs
  • [TSUN-279] - tsung 1.5.0 is not able to do substitution of hostname or port in a URL. It only can do substitution of path
  • [TSUN-281] - Fix debian build for Tsung 1.5, replaces DocBook with Sphinx
  • [TSUN-285] - in some rare conditions in a distributed setup, tsung fails to start the load test.
  • [TSUN-287] - request.max statistic lower than request.mean


  • [TSUN-255] - Fix unused vars in tq_amqp
  • [TSUN-259] - tsung in Fedora
  • [TSUN-268] - Use xmerl_sax_parser:file/2 in case of xml parsing error
  • [TSUN-276] - add text frame support for websocket
  • [TSUN-284] - do not use boot files to start tsung and tsung_controller applications

New Feature

  • [TSUN-260] - add option to change popularities of sessions for each phase
  • [TSUN-264] - New comparison operators
  • [TSUN-269] - Logging of request tags to dumpfile
  • [TSUN-275] - Add MQTT support
  • [TSUN-280] - Tsung to support pkcs#12 certificates or at least cacerts, clientcerts and keys

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