Release Notes - Tsung development - Version 1.5.2 - HTML format


  • [TSUN-225] - SSL Session Caching Issues
  • [TSUN-292] - Indecipherable error with no arrivalphase elements
  • [TSUN-294] - Logging(?) of unmatched dyn vars puts lot of pressure on controller
  • [TSUN-295] - tsung status crashes test run
  • [TSUN-296] - Reported response size in dumpfile seems to be way too low
  • [TSUN-297] - Float values in thinktimes substitution
  • [TSUN-305] - Can't connect with +TLS to ejabberd/XMPP
  • [TSUN-308] - handle ssl_closed in ts_client
  • [TSUN-309] - RNG Seeding is too weak and causes collisions
  • [TSUN-312] - handle cast new beam failed
  • [TSUN-316] - LDAP scenarios fail when compiled with R16A/B due to asn1rt_ber_bin
  • [TSUN-320] - get_os_data(freemem, {unix, linux}) crashes on Linux 3.10.0


  • [TSUN-307] - Allow all HTTP headers to be overridden by <http_header>

New Feature

  • [TSUN-290] - add a web dashboard embedded in tsung controller
  • [TSUN-293] - Enable node local dumptraffic log
  • [TSUN-304] - Add command line option to add additional erlang module load paths
  • [TSUN-306] - Add connection_timeout option

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