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  • [EJAB-69] - if ejabberdctl is called immediately after startup, the status can be started but the server not yet ready
  • [EJAB-70] - Shared rosters, subscription/presence inaccurate when nickname is set
  • [EJAB-77] - Restore improvement: Restore can be performed even is a module is no more used
  • [EJAB-80] - Restore improvement: Restore can be performed even is a module is no more used
  • [EJAB-87] - http-poll messages arrived between the last polling and the timeout could be lost
  • [EJAB-88] - http-poll: lost connections are not properly disconnected
  • [EJAB-91] - odbcserver program is missing from the binary installer
  • [EJAB-98] - Server to server connections: ejabberd must be more flexible on stream open
  • [EJAB-100] - krb5.h is not found when compiling tls module on Redhat
  • [EJAB-101] - HTTP polling component does not work with absolute URLs
  • [EJAB-102] - Outbound Presence Subscription should not be blocked even if roster item status is pending "out"
  • [EJAB-107] - Anonymous login with multiple connections is broken
  • [EJAB-110] - The current user should not be returned in a shared roster group
  • [EJAB-112] - When recreating a shared roster with the same id the old member is still there
  • [EJAB-113] - No error displayed when trying to log on an unexisting host
  • [EJAB-115] - MUC presence stanzas are in wrong order
  • [EJAB-119] - IQ result is not sent on inband account removal
  • [EJAB-122] - When an unknow namespace is used, the wrong error code is returned by ejabberd
  • [EJAB-123] - When using inband user remove, ejabberd should return the IQ result and close the stream
  • [EJAB-125] - ejabberd is not using the correct error code when dealing with an unknown namespace
  • [EJAB-126] - The dialback namespace is needed in TLS negociation, but should not be required
  • [EJAB-127] - MUC config form doesn't use standardized fields


  • [EJAB-82] - ejabberdctl: user friendly error message when restore file not found
  • [EJAB-90] - Limitation of the number of open sessions for a given user
  • [EJAB-92] - Roster: Subscription requests should be resent on login until accepted or rejected
  • [EJAB-96] - TLS driver should report SSL error messages
  • [EJAB-104] - The pubsub module should have an ACL parameter to grant or disallow rights for node creation
  • [EJAB-105] - Browsing an item in the pubsub hierarchy lead to an "item not found" error packet
  • [EJAB-111] - Console should be more flexible when parsing the list of shared roster members
  • [EJAB-116] - When creating a user from web console, if the full JID is not used, ejabberd throw an exception
  • [EJAB-118] - When ACL is not correct, the current connection crashes when trying to use the incorrect rule
  • [EJAB-124] - Fix Makefiles for MacOSX compilation
  • [EJAB-128] - Chat room history: Make the number of lines saved configurable
  • [EJAB-131] - MUC logging HTML rendering improvements
  • [EJAB-132] - LDAP module flexibility improvements
  • [EJAB-134] - More robust connections with LDAP servers
  • [EJAB-136] - Translation updates
  • [EJAB-141] - Documentation update for release 1.1.2

New Feature

  • [EJAB-59] - Microsoft SQL Server database should be supported in standard ejabberd version
  • [EJAB-85] - ejabberdctl: function to delete old messages in queue from database
  • [EJAB-133] - Czech translation
  • [EJAB-138] - Window installer including Erlang
  • [EJAB-139] - Multilingual binary installer support
  • [EJAB-140] - ejabberdctl can return number of incoming and outgoing S2S connections

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