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  • [EJAB-1153] - ejabberdctl breaks under concurrent usage
  • [EJAB-1165] - Close sessions that were half connected
  • [EJAB-1170] - Fix documentation installation, no need for executable permission
  • [EJAB-1172] - anonymous subscription aren't removed at user disconnection
  • [EJAB-1173] - ejabberd crashes when c2s message queue gets overloaded
  • [EJAB-1177] - Rewrite mnesia counter functions to use dirty_update_counter
  • [EJAB-1180] - Wrong s2s connection attempt
  • [EJAB-1190] - Pubsub items name do not correspond to pubsub#title node configuration option
  • [EJAB-1191] - Add required quotes in documentation of some erl arguments
  • [EJAB-1193] - Run user_receive_packet also when sending offline messages to client
  • [EJAB-1201] - MSSQL support was broken
  • [EJAB-1202] - Mnesia table doesn't always get clean when s2s terminates
  • [EJAB-1211] - STUN server doesn't return correct IP


  • [EJAB-114] - Shared roster should use user vcard nickname when available
  • [EJAB-356] - Use Erlang hibernation on unused client processes
  • [EJAB-1178] - Catch errors when exporting to PIEFXIS file
  • [EJAB-1187] - Option access_from of mod_register should be documented
  • [EJAB-1192] - Fix typos in example config comments
  • [EJAB-1195] - German translation improvements

New Feature

  • [EJAB-795] - Ability to serve file from the root URL of the HTTP server
  • [EJAB-1168] - Cross-domain HTTP-Bind support
  • [EJAB-1186] - pubsub#purge_offline node configuration option
  • [EJAB-1198] - PEP : extended stanza addressing 'replyto'
  • [EJAB-1205] - XEP-0279: Server IP Check


  • [EJAB-1185] - Improve documentation of max_fsm_queue, and set in ejabberd.cfg.example
  • [EJAB-1203] - Review documentation of ldap_uids for AD
  • [EJAB-1204] - Document ldap_dn_filter in the Guide

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