Release Notes - ejabberd development - Version ejabberd 2.1.5 - HTML format


  • [EJAB-1238] - Wrongly advertise PEP support
  • [EJAB-1254] - purge offline fails with mod_pubsub_odbc
  • [EJAB-1267] - Don't ask for client certificate in ejabberd_http when used with tls module
  • [EJAB-1269] - MUC admins can't see private rooms in Service Discovery
  • [EJAB-1271] - mod_last does not honor mod_privacy block list
  • [EJAB-1274] - ejabberd_sm route_message crashes with {badarg,ok}


  • [EJAB-953] - Replace calls to OTP module ssl_pkix with public_key
  • [EJAB-1237] - New ejabberd commands to update modified modules
  • [EJAB-1257] - New optional BOSH connection attribute process-delay
  • [EJAB-1280] - Support parallel external script authentication

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