Release Notes - ejabberd development - Version ejabberd 2.1.6 - HTML format


  • [EJAB-310] - When user joins non-anonymous room, warn also in presence stanza
  • [EJAB-1086] - S2S STARTTLS fails when using domain_certfile instead of s2s_certfile
  • [EJAB-1158] - Three incompliances of XEP-0012 Last Activity
  • [EJAB-1228] - Announce PEP and Pubsub features in account Service Discovery
  • [EJAB-1252] - vcard gets corrupted in mysql with large user pics
  • [EJAB-1258] - Unable to retrieve vcard information in ejabberd 2.1.4 if mod_vcard_ldap is used and user has jpegPhoto attribute in the LDAP
  • [EJAB-1281] - ejabberd sending invalid XML
  • [EJAB-1284] - Fix support for LDAP when using Erlang/OTP R14A
  • [EJAB-1285] - md2 support should be optional or disabled
  • [EJAB-1286] - PubSub: transaction may be broken by node_call's cast
  • [EJAB-1287] - Incorrect detection of Erlang R11 and older
  • [EJAB-1301] - Support timezone West of UTC
  • [EJAB-1306] - Unescaped special characters in vCard with Active Directory
  • [EJAB-1310] - Can't load stringprep correctly
  • [EJAB-1318] - Fix support for mod_http_bind restart
  • [EJAB-1320] - Privacy list does not block outgoing iq stanzas
  • [EJAB-1321] - Fix http-bind supervisor to support multiple vhosts
  • [EJAB-1324] - LDAP timeouts leave plaintext passwords in the ejabberd.log file
  • [EJAB-1325] - Bugfix http-poll for correctly parsing binary
  • [EJAB-1327] - ejabberd_http might hang on a tls socket
  • [EJAB-1332] - ejabberd_s2s_in and ipv6
  • [EJAB-1334] - Listener ports may be bound by early standing tcp client connections already
  • [EJAB-1335] - Exceptions while starting up modules are only logged
  • [EJAB-1339] - Correct privacy check direction in mod_last
  • [EJAB-1340] - Problem in cross domain pubsub eventing
  • [EJAB-1342] - Non-nameprepped use of To and From in ejabberd_s2s_in:stream_established/2
  • [EJAB-1343] - Fix R12B5 compatibility in ejabberd_http_bind.erl
  • [EJAB-1344] - Include the node owner's list of roster groups with the 'pubsub#roster_groups_allowed' node configuration option (for local users only)
  • [EJAB-1358] - Don't loop when there is nothing after a stream start
  • [EJAB-1361] - Pub-sub subscribe event reply lacking node information.


  • [EJAB-917] - XEP-0060 Discover Items for a Node
  • [EJAB-1033] - Enforce Authorize and Whitelist when viewing items
  • [EJAB-1288] - Improve xml.c so --enable-nif can wotk with Erlang R14A
  • [EJAB-1319] - Speed up ejabberd_s2s:is_service/2, allow_host/2 by iterating through parent domains
  • [EJAB-1322] - Prevent "File operation error: eacces"
  • [EJAB-1351] - Use SSL_MODE_RELEASE_BUFFERS OpenSSL mode when available
  • [EJAB-1356] - Support for X-Forwarded-For HTTP header
  • [EJAB-1359] - Support PostgreSQL 9.0

New Feature

  • [EJAB-225] - Add support to change loglevel for given modules
  • [EJAB-464] - Option to reject S2S connection if untrusted certificate
  • [EJAB-471] - mod_register_web: web page for account registration
  • [EJAB-495] - Add option to require encryption in S2S connections
  • [EJAB-915] - Option to restrict which IPs are allowed to register account
  • [EJAB-1262] - Support CAPTCHA in In-Band Registration
  • [EJAB-1298] - Add IPv6 support to mod_irc
  • [EJAB-1326] - Support password entropy calculation and report
  • [EJAB-1338] - LDAP shared roster support


  • [EJAB-1074] - Restrict In-Band Registration in default configuration
  • [EJAB-1312] - Include a gitignore file in the ejabberd git repository

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