Release Notes - ejabberd development - Version ejabberd 3.0.0-alpha-3 - HTML format


  • [EJAB-1333] - Support in BOSH for stanzas without jabber:client
  • [EJAB-1372] - Migrate MUC tables from 2.1 mnesia to 3.0 gen_storage
  • [EJAB-1420] - Crash when roster version not stored
  • [EJAB-1425] - SASL PLAIN crashes when password is wrong
  • [EJAB-1428] - Restart an extauth script instance if it crashes
  • [EJAB-1432] - MUC affiliation changes result in improper output to the members of the MUC
  • [EJAB-1437] - Error about undefined update_t/4 while compiling source code using mssql
  • [EJAB-1445] - PubSub: Owner can only delete other publishers items
  • [EJAB-1451] - Do not accept XML with undefined prefixes


  • [EJAB-1264] - Support anonymous accounts in Shared Roster @all@ directive
  • [EJAB-1435] - mod_ping should default to using no_queue
  • [EJAB-1446] - Add clear message to ejabberd log when ejabberd won't start due to module load error.
  • [EJAB-1450] - Add chkconfig-compatible header to ejabberd.init.template

New Feature

  • [EJAB-695] - Support for XEP-0191: Simple Communications Blocking

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