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  • [EJAB-1278] - "pubsub_state" and "last_activity" entries not removed from database after unregistering user
  • [EJAB-1378] - Two erlang crashes in mod_pubsub_odbc
  • [EJAB-1424] - node_pep_odbc misprint?
  • [EJAB-1453] - PEP notifications are sent even if pubsub#deliver_notification is false
  • [EJAB-1458] - ejabberdctl doesn't support parameters with blankspaces
  • [EJAB-1462] - Unescaped & when compiled with --disable-nif
  • [EJAB-1472] - PEP notifications sent without any +notify
  • [EJAB-1476] - Fix reference to 'admin' ACL name
  • [EJAB-1484] - Wrong version number in ejabberd.log
  • [EJAB-1491] - Fix ODBC account counting
  • [EJAB-1497] - import_piefxis fails with OpenfireExporter.jar
  • [EJAB-1498] - Fix Denial of Service when user sends malformed <publish> stanza
  • [EJAB-1499] - mod_muc_log crashes if first log entry for new day is result of room being destroyed


  • [EJAB-305] - Allow multiple entry with same nick to MUC rooms
  • [EJAB-639] - LDAP authentication. Configurable derefAliases
  • [EJAB-740] - Include status 110 in presence to new occupant
  • [EJAB-1299] - Add more ssloptions for LDAPS
  • [EJAB-1395] - Show meaningful error when ldap_filter contains space
  • [EJAB-1479] - New ldap_tls_cacertfile and ldap_tls_depth options when ldap_tls_verify is enabled

New Feature

  • [EJAB-650] - New option resource_conflict to define server action
  • [EJAB-1196] - New SASL authentication method: SCRAM-SHA-1

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