Release Notes - ejabberd development - Version ejabberd 3.0.0-beta-1 - HTML format


  • [EJAB-1222] - Support for space in ejabberdctl of binary installers
  • [EJAB-1419] - Room subject and subject author are sometimes binaries or strings
  • [EJAB-1530] - http_bind webserver TLS fail on Chrome


  • [EJAB-1296] - Update jlib JID related functions to use exmpp_jid functions shortcuts
  • [EJAB-1475] - Convert XML elements names and XML namespaces from atom() to binary() (and subsequent modifications)


  • [EJAB-991] - Delete expat_erl, stringprep, xml and xml_stream because were replaced by exmpp
  • [EJAB-1260] - Dialyzer errors
  • [EJAB-1360] - Test mod_shared_roster_ldap in ejabberd master

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